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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello Real Health Hope Blog Readers:

Below is an email I got today from the folks who work hard to give us important food supplements for our anti-cancer lifestyles.   Beta Glucan, as I discuss in my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, is a mainstay in my protocol as well as long time cancer coach, Bill Henderson, among others.   The research is outstanding regarding the positive impact of Beta Glucan on boosting a healthy immune system.  Here's the email from Betterway Health.

"To all of our affiliates,

It's always very exciting for me to share new research with all of those who support our cause.

I am so incredibly grateful for all of your support; we know that without you, our company would not exist. 

Here is a brand new study that we just received from Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, Head of Pathology at the University of Louisville. 

In this new study, Dr. Vetvicka tested many leading Immune System Supplements for:

1. Phagocytosis
2. Interleukin 2
3. Antibody Formation
4. Superoxide Production
5. Interferon gamma secretion
6. Tumor Growth

*We are ecstatic to report that our product, Glucan #300, once again outperformed every product in every test conducted.

With over 7,000 peer-reviewed publications on the immunological effects of glucan; rest assured, you are promoting a product truly backed by scientific research.

As you can see in this study, there are several companies out there using clever marketing gimmicks to push their products; sadly, many of them do absolutely nothing for your immune system. 

Like us, I know that you pride yourself on giving your customers indisputable scientific evidence as to why the products that you recommend are truly the best. 

You can check out our article with links to the new study here:

*Please share this information with anyone you believe would be interested."

As far as I know Betterway Health offers this supplement at the best price.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Frank Viola Interviews Jacquie Woodward about Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life

This week, I  was immensely honored to have Frank Viola,

 eminent Christian author and speaker, interview me about 

my book,Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your 


 Frank is the author of numerous books and several of them 

were highly inspiring to me as I ventured into my faith 

building journey that was so important to my "slamming the 

door on cancer and locking it out of my own life".   

His book,  Jesus Manifesto, written with Leonard Sweet, is a 

MUST read for anyone.....any time.   It is profound and easy 

to read and unlike any book you have ever read before.   
Meet the Lord in a sensitive Biblically important way.
Meet the Lord in a sensitive Biblically important way
You WILL know the Lord when you have read this book.   It will introduce you to the "Word made flesh" in such a powerful and refreshing way.

I'm very grateful for Frank's writing and 

ministry and I am beyond honored that 

he read the book and interviewed me. 

 You can read the 

interview at this link:    

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I want to share with you a re-post from Shane Ellison, "The People's Chemist".   Families drinking commercial sports drinks are ingesting enormous amounts of high fructose corn syrup and/or sugar which are very damaging to health.  I personally take "Daily Dose" as well as "Cinnergy" which are products from Ellison's company but I have not ever met nor do I get any favors from this company.   I just like the products because they have no man-made chemicals and are manufactured in the purest possible way.    This recipe is a healthy alternative to expensive and non-nutritious sports drinks.   "Daily Dose can be ordered from www.thepeopleschemist.com.

This recipe makes a fantastic tasty and healthy "sports drink".  I've enjoyed it tremendously.  

The better a family’s choices, the healthier the kids. Sadly, the US is making all the wrong choices. According to a UNICEF report — “Child Well-Being in Rich Countries” — the USA ranked 26th of 29 countries. Along with asthma and Type II diabetes, we’re the most overweight. And that’s parlaying into more cancer. Today, childhood cancer is the leading cause of disease-related death among children and adolescents (ages 1 to 19 years).
To win the war on cancer, you need to know the cause…There are too many to mention here. In my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, I trawled the library to discover today’s top cancer threats. Cleaning supplies, synthetic vitamins, artificial flavors, tap water and the profit driven vaccine schedule are among the biggest threats.
In addition to avoiding these overt cancer-causing compounds, I protect my kids with my all-natural, multi-vitamin known as “Daily Dose.” Daily Dose is a different kind of multi-vitamin…Unlike the store bought varieties loaded with preservatives, fillers and synthetic vitamins, Daily Dose contains the most beneficial, naturally occurring nutrients required to fight off cancer, as well as increase a child’s energy, vitality, immunity, and longevity.
One of it’s active ingredients, curcumin, even enhances learning, memory and mood. It’s not surprising that in a recent survey, curcumin was the top pick among doctors as the best supplement for overall health.
Since swallowing pills is a kids worst nightmare, I make taking Daily Dose fun.
Using my ultra-secret recipe, I dose them using “Power-C.” The formula is simple, yet tastier than any crap your kid might squeeze from a bag or chug from a can. My son Blair has been asking for it by name for 5 years.
Recipe (see image above) is as follows:
  • 1 gallon purified water or sparkling water
  • 3 capsules of Daily Dose
  • 1-3 cups of organic lemon juice
  • 1 whole organic orange
  • stevia
Open capsules and dump into water. Add lemon juice and stevia to match your personal preference for taste. Squeeze whole orange into Power-C. Stir, chill, serve with excitement!
Kids should be growing, not wilting. Yet, 1 in 3 children born in 2000 or later will suffer from diabetes. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) predicted that this scourge will erase 11 to 20 years from their lifespan. That’s a childhood lost, and an adulthood. And for what? Bad decisions. Start using Daily Dose and learn more by reading Over-The-Counter Natural Cures.

About the Author

Shane "The People's Chemist" Ellison holds master's degree in organic chemistry and is the author of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures (SourceBooks). He's been quoted by USA Today, Shape, Woman's World, US News and World Report, as well as Women's Health and appeared on Fox and NBC as a medicine and health expert. Start living young by signing up for his FREE Natural Cures Watchdog below.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Processed Meats Too Dangerous for Human Consumption per World Cancer Research Fund

"Spherestrats"  acrylic on watercolor paper by Jacquie Woodward.
I haven't posted for a little while on this blog but hope you have also been visiting my website, www.slamthedooroncancer.com where you can now download a pdf of my book, Slam the Door on Cancer -- and lock it out of your life, for only $5.   The paperback version is also available on the "shop" page of the website and comes with a Free CD of a recent Real Health Hope Seminar.
HOWEVER, the following re-post of an updated article is posted below and I believe it contains absolutely critical anti-cancer information.
UPDATED – 5/22/2013 – The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has completed a detailed review of more than 7,000 clinical studies covering links between diet and cancer.1 Bottom line: Processed meats are too dangerous for human consumption. Consumers should stop buying and eating all processed meat products for the rest of their lives.
Processed meats include bacon, sausage, hot dogs, sandwich meat, packaged ham, pepperoni, salami and virtually all red meat used in frozen prepared meals. They are usually manufactured with a carcinogenic ingredient known as sodium nitrite.2 This is used as a color fixer by meat companies to turn packaged meats a bright red color so they look fresh. Unfortunately, sodium nitrite also results in the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines in the human body. And this leads to a sharp increase in cancer risk for those who eat them.
A 2005 University of Hawaii study found that processed meats increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67 percent.3 Another study revealed that every 50 grams of processed meat consumed daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 21 percent.4 These are alarming numbers. Note that these cancer risks do not come from eating fresh, non-processed meats. They only appear in people who regularly consume processed meat products containing sodium nitrite.
Sodium nitrite appears predominantly in red meat products (you won’t find it in chicken or fish products). Here’s a short list of food items to check carefully for sodium nitrite and monosodium glutamate (MSG), another dangerous additive:
  • Beef jerky
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Hot dogs
  • Sandwich meat
  • Frozen pizza with meat
  • Canned soups with meat
  • Frozen meals with meat
  • Ravioli and meat pasta foods
  • Kid’s meals containing red meat
  • Sandwich meat used at popular restaurants
  • Nearly all red meats sold at public schools, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and theme parks
If sodium nitrite is so dangerous to humans, why do the FDA and USDA continue to allow this cancer-causing chemical to be used? The answer, of course, is that food industry interests now dominate the actions by U.S. government regulators. The USDA, for example, tried to ban sodium nitrite in the late 1970′s but was overridden by the meat industry.5 It insisted the chemical was safe and accused the USDA of trying to “ban bacon.”
Today, the corporations that dominate American food and agricultural interests hold tremendous influence over the FDA and USDA. Consumers are offered no real protection from dangerous chemicals intentionally added to foods, medicines and personal care products.
You can protect yourself and your family from the dangers of processed meats by following a few simple rules:
  1. Always read ingredient labels.
  2. Don’t buy anything made with sodium nitrite or monosodium glutamate.
  3. Don’t eat processed meats served by restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels or other institutions.
And finally, eat more fresh produce with every meal. There is evidence that natural vitamin C found in citrus fruits and exotic berries (like camu camu) helps prevent the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines, protecting you from the devastating health effects of sodium nitrite in processed meats. The best defense, of course, is to avoid eating processed meats altogether.
****** UPDATE 5/22/2013 *******
The World Cancer Research Fund caught wind of our article. Thanks to everyone who has been spreading the word! As they put it, they were “in no way involved in the production of the article.” And they weren’t. We read their review and drew the only logical, possible conclusion. Their official response… “The articles talking about processed meat being ‘too dangerous for human consumption’ are unhelpful and scaremongering.” Yet in the very same online post, they tell you to avoid processed meat because it can cause bowel cancer! We’re sorry. But if a food is directly linked to 4,000 cases of bowel cancer in the UK alone (according to their stats), it is indeed “too dangerous for human consumption.”
And yet another detailed study in BMC Medicine from just this past March confirms it.6 Processed meats increase your risk of early death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. We don’t call it scaremongering. We call it the truth.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Pain--"The Warning Light on the Dashboard of our Health"

Photo from recent interview regarding Slam the Door on Cancer . . . and lock it out of your life.
You may see an excerpt of this interview in an August 7, 2014 post on my other blog, www.slamthedooroncancer.com or by searching Slam the Door on Cancer on Youtube Videos.   There are two video excerpts on Youtube as well as an exercise video.

Many articles on this blog (and on www.slamthedooroncancer.com) refer to the miraculous self-healing mechanisms built into our  wonderfully made bodies.  This post is also shared on my other blog, but I thought it worthy of a "double post".    I've been intimately involved in the medical culture for 50+ years.    I don't often mention it, but I am also a certified health/physical education teacher and have training in kineseology (science of movement).    My insights are not only rooted in my own story of being healed of cancer manifesting in my pancreas, but from considerable study.     King David was absolutely correct:            Psalm 139:14 (ASV) 
14  I will give thanks unto thee; For I am fearfully and wonderfully made: Wonderful are thy works; And that my soul knoweth right well.  

Our souls are fully connected and aware of the awesomely complex make-up and function of our bodies.    We are created to heal and, if we stop and consider it honestly, we all know this truth.  Today, I focus on the usefulness of pain -- it is a warning that there is a location within our bodies that needs our respect and attention.    There is a place within our body/mind that is demanding we change something.

When we are driving along in our car and a ''warning light" on the dashboard comes on, we know better than to stop and remove the bulb so that we are no annoyed by that light and can get on with our business.   We know that the car absolutely will not let us get away with ignoring the CAUSE of that warning.
We know better than to "treat" the result of whatever that cause is--to jerk out the bulb that something caused to come on.

Pain is a built in "warning mechanism" in our bodies---our fearfully and wonderfully made bodies.    We see graphic demonstrations of reaction to pain every day.    We may watch a sports event and see an athlete running the bases and suddenly pull up grabbing a knee or thigh reacting to pain.    Managers and trainers hurry to the athlete with great concern showing on their faces.    Closer to home, perhaps one of our children comes running to us crying from the pain of a badly skinned knee or cut finger.    We see these manifestations of pain and we know, of course, that there is a cause that will need to be recognized and respected so that the body's built in healing mechanisms can take over.

Pain is the "Warning Light" on the "Dash Board of our Health"
Healing is, without exception, the goal.  What does healing require?   Pain killers?    Do pain killers heal?  THEY DO NOT!    They may make the pain tolerable while the body's innate healing mechanisms can work, but they do not heal.   What will the athletic trainers do to help the injured athlete?  They may administer pain relievers, but NEVER without also doing whatever they can to help the athlete's built in healing mechanisms--the wonderfully created healing mechanisms.     They may apply cold to limit swelling or heat to increase circulation or both in intervals.   They may wrap an area to limit flexion or movement so that the injured tissue is forced to REST.   Generally, they remove the athlete from action for a while.    Why?    To let the body's innate healing system to work.      Has a trainer or, for that matter, a doctor ever healed anyone of anything?    NO!   They can only facilitate the body's built in healing processes.   Doctors are trained to re-position broken bones, but the bones heal because they are created to regenerate tissue.   Doctors can remove a badly inflamed appendix, but  they cannot make the wound heal after the surgery.   They can control the pain and keep the wound clean, but they cannot make tissue heal itself.

There is ALWAYS a cause for pain.    A good example is stomach pain often attributed to "acid reflux".    We see clever TV commercials and magazine ads telling us to just take some attractively marketed pill to make the pain go away and then eat anything and everything we want without the bother.   They might as well be telling us to take the "warning" light bulb out of the dashboard of our cars and forget changing the oil or respecting the complex machinery within the automobile's make-up.     Pain is a warning that something within our body needs attention and, probably, adjustment.   Adjustment?   How can we adjust what is inside our body?     We  control what we put in---the food and drink AND THOUGHTS.     We control the rest of body and soul.   We control our thoughts and words and keep short accounts on our inner peace--realizing when and where we lose it and returning to that incident and setting it right.    In short, we put good stuff in and get the toxins out.   We rest and respect our "wonderfully created" body/minds so we can live pain free.

Taking pain masking medicine while ignoring the cause of the pain iis treating result rather than cause and asking for trouble.
Taking pain masking medicine while ignoring the cause of the pain iis treating result rather than cause and asking for trouble.
I'm 71 and I am sick and tired of hearing my "age peers" accept pain as just being something to tolerate in "old age".   They have taken the "dummy light" out of the dashboard of their lives if they buy this lie of the enemy.  Sure our bodies change with aging but the change is highly manageable through our lifestyle--physical, mental, emotional and SPIRITUAL.    Jesus did not say, "My peace I give you........until you get older than a certain age."     God shows us example after example in the Bible of folks who lived to be quite old and who remained active, pain free, and productive.

I hope you will go back and read my previous post about interviews with a number of extra-ordinarily informed medical doctors who recognize that our bodies are designed to heal.     I believe it will change your life.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Excerpt from the book: Slam the Door on Cancer

Our Emotions Chemically" Push REAL Buttons" on our Cell Membranes that
can either slam the door on cancer or kick it wide open at the cellular level.
Some solid and fairly recent science has proven this fact irrefutably.  Come on over
and check out this meaty excerpt from my new book posted on the blog page of the site.

If you order the book from my website, you get a FREE CD of my
seminar on "Changing Perception of Cancer"  and FREE shipping within USA.
We now take Paypal on that website.

I invite you to visit my new blog, www.slamthedooroncancer.com  to read an excerpt from my book, Slam the Door on Cancer.....and lock it out of your life.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The "Pure Law of Love" is an Essential Element of Living in "The Healthy State"

The Bible book of James was very important to me in my healing--a fact that fascinates me since I was such a latent believer that I didn't even know there was a Book of James at the time of my diagnosis.   In the book, Slam the Door on Cancer ....and lock it out of your mind, I weave my story through the text to illustrate the science and Scripture convergence in a "real life situation".   In James, the Lord's brother and writer of what is often called "the Proverbs of the New Testament" teaches about the "royal law of love".    As I wrote the book, this law became obvious to me and it's role in healing is essential.  I am sharing an excerpt from the book that introduces the section where I share revelation regarding the "pure or royal laws (principles)" of the universe --natural and supernatural, which of course are in agreement.       The book further elaborates on the pure law of love as well as work and stewardship showing the practicality of these principles in health.

THE EXCERPT:   "Let’s examine three basic categories where natural and super-natural laws of love converge as we seek to understand all we have available to enable us to lock cancer out of our lives. Nineteenth century scientist-theologian, Henry Drummond, implied in his classic, Natural Law and the Spiritual World 1 that the term “law” essentially means “a series of linked phenomena” responsible for explaining order that has already been set in place or created. Law is law - it is in place where we “see” it in nature and “know” it in spirit without conflict. Jesus used parables of natural law to illustrate spiritual law - for example, the parable of the sower. Drummond actually says natural and spiritual laws exist as “the same law”. I believe we can apply Drummond’s insights to the “cascade of events” that can move us from the “healthy state” to the “disease state” which I refer to later and list more specifically in Appendix Five. The reversal back to the “healthy state” has both natural and spiritual aspects, which are within the “pure laws (principles) of health” in love, work, and stewardship.
Galatians 5:22-23 I believe, can help us understand Drummond’s point regarding “laws” or principles underpinning health: And the fruit of the Spirit is: Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law(YLT) “Long-suffering” can also be translated as “patience” in this Scripture. 

Simply stated, the price to pay for real health and wholeness is living a beautiful life spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

Whenever I say this in a seminar, I sometimes sense a “bristling” within some attendees who have lost loved ones to cancer - loved ones they believe “lived beautiful lives”. I understand the sensitivity and I mean to speak about this subject compassionately, but I cannot hold back insights that may help keep other loved ones from being lost too early. “The good die young” is a cliché rooted in a grieving need to explain away losses such as those cancer too often causes. Somehow, our thoughts and words bubble up from broken hearts where the enemy has painted an evil bulls eye and buried his lying fiery darts such as, “We can’t know God’s purpose in these things.” Or, “Sometimes God chooses not to heal ‘for the greater glory,” etc.

In fact, many churches and denominations build un-Biblical doctrines to rationalize sorrowful disappointment. The enemy gets his licks in when false doctrines knock the “Sword of the Spirit” out of the hands of God’s people, dilute their prayers, and empower the “thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy” (see John 10:10). We will continue looking at these difficult subjects because we often mourn the loss of righteous loved ones to disease like cancer not realizing that what they may have thought or spoken into their own lives ultimately undermined their health. Please bear with me on this point for now. I understand that it is sensitive; however, I believe our next topic will begin to bring some soothing insights."

This post is also shared on my blog, www.slamthedooroncancer.com   where you can purchase the book and receive a FREE CD of my recent seminar on "Changing Perspectives on Healing from Cancer"